1,000 blankets will be distributed to residents in Phitsanulok Province which has been heavily affected by the recent cold snap.

According to the deputy provincial governor, 300 of the blankets will be given to people in Phrom Phiram District, 200 to Nakhon Thai District, and the rest will be given to residents in other districts that have been hit by cold spells.

At present, authorities are stepping up measures against the cold weather in 9 districts, 5 of which are under close surveillance. The province forecasts that there are around 200,000 people in Phitsanulok who need government assistance.

Despite the prolonged winter spell, the province has yet to declare any of its districts a disaster zone as the mercury is staying above 15 degrees Celsius. The province is however urging those who may need assistance to contact the provincial Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation located at the Phitsanulok City Hall. The office can be reached on the phone at 055-258559 or 055-282107.

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