About 500 policemen rallied at the Royal Plaza Monday morning in a rare show of force to express their resentment against their superiors for the lenient handling of the protesters.

The policemen who claimed to represent police from 88 police stations in Bangkok demanded their superiors to arrest the perpetrators responsible for the killing of a policeman killed during clashes with protesters from the Network of Students and People for Thailand’s Reform in front of the Thai-Japanese youth centre on December 26.

The demonstrating policemen were each given a black ribbon to be attached to their shirt sleeves as a symbolic mourning for the dead police officer.

One protester was also shot dead at the scene by gunmen who were believed to have opened fire from one of the buildings near the youth centre. Protesters suspected”men in black” for being responsible for the shootings.

A small group of people showed at the Royal Plaza to give morale support to the disgruntled policemen.