Authorities are now speeding up help for residents in 22 winter-hit provinces in the North and Northeast.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) has disclosed that more than 2.5 million families in 22 provinces have so far been hard hit by the recent cold spell. Out of the 22 provinces, 11 are in the North, 10 in the Northeast, and 1 in the Central plain.

The DDPM has also ordered provincial authorities in those areas to set up help centers and distribute winter clothes and blankets to victims who could not afford them.

The DDPM has also warned all Thais against forest fires and heavy smog during this time of year, while calling on those setting up bonfires to be extremely careful as the fire could burn down their homes.

Those in need of assistance have been urged to call Hotline 1784 round the clock.

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