The Center for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) has warned that people who disrupt next week’s application for the February 2014 general elections will face legal charges.

CAPO Spokesman Pol.Maj.Gen. Piya Uthayo said the center’s branches nationwide were put on alert after anti-government protest leaders announced that they would try to prevent the election application taking place next week. Such action was against Section 309 of the Criminal Code and violators would be subject to a jail term and/or fine. They would also risk facing more punishments if their actions were deemed against the election laws, the official said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Spokesman for the CAPO, Pol.Maj.Gen. Anucha Rommayanant, has confirmed that police are maintaining peace and order as usual while all sectors are trying to find solutions to the country’s political crisis. Police are also getting ready for the national polls by developing security measures for the events, he said.

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