Italian man Anjelo Pheslee, 65, was reportedly the victim of a snatch and run attempt yesterday afternoon (November 30) in Patong, after a man tried to run off with his ATM card.

Police were called to the scene at a Kaiskornbank ATM near the Makro on Nanai Rd in Patong to find a very shocked Mr Pheslee.

He told police he withdrew money from the ATM and as he was leaving, a "dark-skinned" man was behind him and told him that there was still a B100 note in the machine and gave it to Mr Pheslee.

Mr Pheslee inserted his card into the machine again, to check the balance was correct.

He told police that after this, the stranger grabbed his ATM card off him and ran away. Luckily Mr Pheslee was able to get it back off him, but the stranger then fled the scene.

Police will review CCTV camera footage from the area in an attempt to identify the man who tried to steal the ATM card.