KHON KAEN: -- A male transvestite from Khon Kaen has become a national Internet celebrity, garnering over 544,000 likes on his Facebook page, "Sexy Pancake", in less than two months.

Since rising to fame, the Internet star has had numerous television appearances and received continuous work offers in several locations including Bangkok, predominantly in "lady-boy" dance shows.

Niwat Sangmor, 25, is also publishing an autobiography, set to be released this year.

Niwat, who goes by the nickname "Pancake", lives in a small house in Waeng Noi district. He shares a small house and plot of land with his grandmother and a cow. It was according to him that he had the feeling of being a woman since his childhood.

As a child, Niwat enjoyed sports and was an athletic kid at school. He was inspired by the 2000 transgender-driven comedy "The Iron Ladies" and wanted to become an athlete. However, in sixth grade, Niwat had to drop out of school due to a lack of money, and took on hard labouring work to support his grandmother.

Despite not being enrolled in a school, Niwat was home-schooled and managed to earn a high school diploma through adult education. Collecting money from labouring work, Niwat bought four cows and resold three of them, spending part of the money on renovating the house.

Niwat's recent stardom stems from the popularity of the Facebook page, "Sexy Pancake". The page is run by a close friend of Niwat, Sura Narin, who came up with the idea of posting humorous photographs of a bikini-clad Niwat in various countryside activities. Set up in May, the page went viral in less than two months and has since gained a huge following among Thai citizens.

Due to the page's huge following, Niwat receives clothes and other gifts from fans on a regular basis. Niwat has been invited to perform at many events and appeared on broadcast television shows, and has also penned a book, which will be released in the near future.

Chanawut Uttho, also known as "Link", said he admired Niwat's work ethic and felt sorry for his poor living conditions. He has since volunteered to become Niwat's personal agent, managing his work schedule and public appearances.