Many people flock to see the spectacular scene of Phu Kradueng in Leoi Province as the winter has arrived.

After the winter has come, many people travel to the North and upper Northeast to experience the cold air, and Phu Kradueng is among the top destinations. During the weekends, the national park saw over 500 people hiking up the mountain to experience Phu Kradueng, a place that people say “you have to visit before you die.”

The temperature at the top of the hill was around 14 degree Celsius. Many tourists were impressed by the beautiful view and the cold weather. Currently, the high air pressure from China has covered many parts of Thailand’s northeast, creating cool breeze in many areas.

According to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, Phu Kradueng is the sandstone mountain consisting of an abundance of flora and fauna. Tourists come to see the beauty of cliffs, savanna, streams and waterfalls.

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