On Tuesday the demolition of a South Pattaya Hotel began after further promises by the hotel owner that he would do the work himself appear to have been broken.

Over 50 Police and District Security Officials led by the Banglamung District Chief, Khun Sakchai and the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, Khun Virawat, converged on the Boutique Hotel Pattaya situated in Soi VC in South Pattaya to oversee the beginning of demolition work sanctioned under the Building Control Act of 1979 section 42, sub-sections 15 and 24.

Following their last visit earlier in November when they came to a compromise with the Hotel owner who wanted 180 days to complete the modification work himself using his own builders, the District Chief received information that the owner may be using the 180 days as a stalling tactic so he could fill the illegally built hotel rooms with guests over the high season months.

City workers accompanied the team of officials on Tuesday and began to deconstruct the hotel interior on the floors of the hotel which are considered to be illegally built. Foreign tourists were forced to vacate some of the rooms as doors were broken down by the laborers. After some discussion a 1 hour reprieve was given so the hotel guests could safely vacate the rooms to allow the demolition teams to continue.

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