PATTAYA: -- In the early hours of Sunday Pattaya Police received a complaint from a Badminton Teacher who claimed she had caught a foreign man inside her room who appeared to have stolen items of value before escaping over the balcony.

Police made their way to the Siam View Residence where the victim, Khun Muninaert aged 36 was staying with a friend. She is a Badminton Teacher at the Assumption University in Bangkok and was in Pattaya for the weekend to take part in a competition.

While she was in the toilet on Saturday Night, she heard someone enter her apartment and initially thought it was her friend. When she opened the toilet door she saw a tall Middle-eastern man wearing a yellow shirt who promptly jumped over the balcony and was able to escape.

CCTV at the complex confirmed the identity of the man and his female accomplice. The pair are known to stay at the Complex and were seen to knock the doors of many rooms until they arrived at the victims room where there was no answer as she was inside the toilet at the time. The victim reported the theft of her wallet which contained 18,000 Baht, a credit card and her Thai ID Card.

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