The Ministry of Energy confirms that the gas truck which has been seized by the UDD supporters at Bon Kai area, is an empty one. The Ministry has prepared officials and waiting for the instruction from the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situaion (CRES) to enter the site to retrieve the truck.

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Energy Business (DOEB) Ong-art Promjanyakul cited that the gas truck had been seized since 17.30 hrs today by the UDD supporters to be used as their bunker against the clash with the armed force at Bon Kai venue. After the probe, this truck has no more oil inside and it belongs to Thanit Petroleum Co. Ltd that has distributed the 6,000-liters of benzene oil for the gas station around there since 14 May 2010, and could not get out of the area.

The DOEB has meanwhile cooperated with related agencies to solve the situation for safety, while security measures for oil/gas trucks have been raised to top level, prohibiting the trucks to pass 13 districts at risk in Bangkok.

The seizure of gas truck by the UDD may cause violence if they burn the truck even with no oil inside. The Ministry has instructed 70 officials to be available for possible emergencies after getting permission from the CRES. These officials are experts in resolving gas leakage and burnt oil truck

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