Buddhists have participated in merit making ceremonies held nationwide to express their gratefulness to the late Supreme Patriarch.

In the western province of Ratchaburi, provincial officials and local residents participated in alms giving ceremony to 101 monks. Since the passage of His Holiness, both the public and the private sectors in the province agreed to mourn him by donning black for 30 days.

In Ranong, a southwest province, a large number of local residents in all-white clothes were also participating in an alms giving ceremony to 101 monk early on Saturday morning.

Similar events have been organized throughout the country. The Government House has since His Holiness passed away on October 24 announced a national mourning period of 30 days. Buddhists across the nation have since mourned for the late Supreme Patriarch, who had been devoting himself to leading Buddhists to the right path of living until the day he passed away.

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