People nationwide have been warned of 6 possible diseases during the cold season as more than 471,000 people were infected last year.

Public Health Minister Dr. Pradit Sinthawanarong has come out to warn Thais nationwide to be more concerned about their health. As winter is approaching, the minister said there are 6 diseases people need to be watching out for, including influenza, pneumonia, diarrhea, chickenpox, measles, and the hand-foot- and-mouth disease.

He also urged those who think drinking alcohol could keep them warm without wearing any clothes, saying it is a wrong practice and can be fatal to them.

The statistics showed that more than 471,000 people were infected with the six diseases during the winter last year, 355 of whom died. The most severe disease, according to the minister, was pneumonia which killed up to 350 people in 2012.

Minister Pradit has therefore warned all Thais to keep themselves healthy by washing their hands with soap regularly, eating cooked food, wearing warm clothes, doing exercise, and seeing a doctor immediately if they come down with a flu.

News from NNT