The Foreign Minister said so far French, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Israel, and Japan have already issued warnings to their people traveling in Thailand. However, the ASEAN nations have not yet issued any warnings. The warning issued states that travelers, for their own safety, should try to avoid or not to pass through demonstration sites in the kingdom.

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister said in his capacity as the Foreign Minister of Thailand that he does not want to see the country's tourism industry to be affected as now is the country's high season, with festivities such as Loy Kratong and Christmas closing in.

He added that every group has the right to protest, however, they should consider the effects caused whether to the economy or the image of the country. He urged all sides to remain calm and let the senate do its job in deliberating the controversial amnesty bill.

The warning is not very strong just to avoid to inside or near demonstrations.

News from NNT