“Smart Lady Thailand” has unveiled its last 12 candidates, one of which will go on to win 200,000 baht prize.

The reality TV Program “Smart Lady Thailand” funded by the government, during “PM Yingluck Meets the People” program on NBT, introduced its last 12 candidates for the competition. The campaign was Miss Yingluck’s idea to promote and showcase strong potential in Thai women in terms of leadership, creativity, and the role women play in the society.

12 out of 20,000 candidates are qualified for the last round. The last 12 contenders will be given training courses to further improve their skills and bring out each individual talent, so that they can contribute to the society, either by being role models or helping other ladies become more confident in themselves.

The lady to win the 200,000 baht prize will be decided by the highest number of votes through SMS messages. The voting will begin on November 16th, while the result will be announced on December 15th.


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