A Filipino woman died and 10 others received minor injuries when a visa run minivan crashed in Trang on Monday

Pol Capt Opat Jaiboon, from Sikao police station, told The Phuket News the 10 passengers, plus a driver, were on their way to Penang in Malaysia on a visa run, with the company Phen Phet Visa Run.

One Filipino woman died at the scene. Other injured passengers were taken to Sikao Hospital and Trang Hospital, but none were seriously injured.

“The crash point was in front of Khao Keaw temple, and I believe the driver lost control of the van in heavy rain and then crashed into a tree,” Capt Opat said.

When The Phuket News called Phen Phet, an employee answered the phone and confirmed the crash but did not give any comment.

Visa run vans in Phuket have a reputation for often fast and reckless driving, with many near misses reported on the Phuket-Penang visa run route.


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