Dr. Pusadee Tamthai, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, stated that mid October would be the period when temperatures become cooler. In other words, the rainy season starts to develop into the cool season. This period of 1-2 weeks would also render a sudden drop in the climate.

The Deputy Governor has cautioned citizens to be wary of the increase of influenza infections, as it is during this time that the disease starts to manifest itself. She has also ordered all 68 Health Centers to be on high-alert in order to be well prepared for potential rising in the number of the sick.

In order to prevent the spread of influenza, people are suggested to maintain good personal hygiene, consume cooked food, use a middle spoon when dining, properly wash their hands, and use a mask when falling sick to prevent the spread of infection.

Those who are at higher risks of becoming ill such as, people suffering from asthma, diabetes, senior citizens, infants, etc. should receive a flu shot and avoid being in crowded places.

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