Concerns have been raised over the visa waiver for Thai nationals traveling to Japan that it might soon be discontinued, as more than 200 Thais have gone to Japan and failed to come back as required.

Japan officially declared on July 1, 2013 that visa requirements would be waived for Thai nationals traveling to the country. However, tour operators have become increasingly worried that it might soon be discontinued thanks to the influx of Thai tourists visiting Japan, 200 of whom have decided not to return to Thailand as required.

Moreover, numerous low-cost airlines serving new Thailand-Japan routes are rubbing salt into the wound, causing the cost of traveling to Japan to dropp considerably; making it much easier for Thais to go to Japan to seek employment.

According to Mr. Surapol Sritrakul, Managing Director of Tempak Tour Co. Ltd., although Thai nationals are exempted from visa requirement, the company still has strict measures in assessing its clients, explaining that the more Thais illegally emigrate to Japan, the more likely Japan will revoke its visa waiver. He pleaded with other tour companies to take tough measures evaluating their clients in order to prevent Japan from revoking the newly issued policy.

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