Samruay Saenthaweesuk confirmed there had still been no sightings of her 12-year-old daughter Pin, who disappeared after going to an internet café in Soi Loa Rong in Phuket Town on December 6.

CCTV camera footage from the internet café showed Pin entering and leaving a couple of times.

She then left the café a final time, apparently behaving perfectly normally, and has not been seen since.

But one and a half years on, Ms Samruay told The Phuket News she still had no information about her missing daughter.

“We have searched for her in so many ways, including contacting the Mirror Foundation, and the Pavena Foundation for Women and Children, and the Crime Suppression Divison of the Police, but no progress has been made. We also questioned her teachers and friends,” she said.

“Pin is a good girl, and I forgive her for everything she’s done to me. I just want to see my daughter. I am still waiting for news about her, even though there is little hope left of finding her.

Anyone with information can call Mrs Samruay on 087-2848380 or the Phuket City Police on 076-212115).


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