The government has organized a road show entitled "Thailand Tomorrow 2020" in Nong Khai Province. The exhibition showcased high-speed train project, double rail system, and other infrastructure projects.

The opening ceremony was co-presided over by Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong and Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt. The exhibition was held at Nong Khai City Hall. It was divided into 9 zones as visitors could learn about the government’s infrastructure projects which include high-speed train project, double railway system, road construction, sea ports, and border area development.

The "Thailand Tomorrow 2020" was to allow the government to clarify to the people its plan to build a complete transportation infrastructure; with 80% of the allocated budget set to develop dual-track railways and turn Nong Khai into the final destination for the high-speed rail project.

There was also a high-speed train simulator in the event for the visitors to experience a real high-speed train ride. Another activity included in the event was the food contest.

Meanwhile, Governor of Nong Khai Wirat Limsuwat, during “PM Yingluck Meets the People” program on NBT, said the high-speed train project would help enhance the province’s transportation and uplift the tourism industry, adding that it would also attract more investors to Nong Khai.

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