Wat Pho temple has been ranked eighth on the list of Asia's most unique tourist attractions by users of TripAdvisor, one of the largest tourism and travelling website in the world, which boasts 44 million users.

Phra Sudhidharmamuwat, the Deputy Abbot of Wat Pho, said he had been informed by an executive of the website that its users, which comprised travelers from many countries, had ranked Wat Pho eighth among the of most unique tourist spots in Asia; the first place went to Cambodia's Angor Wat.

The website will present the temple with a "Travelers Choice Attraction award," which has been present to only 39 places in the world this year.

Phra Sudhidharma also disclosed that the President of Chile and his wife who were official guests of the Thai government visited the temple last Saturday. US President Barrack Obama also visited the place during his Thailand trip last year.