The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has instructed traffic police to concentrate on solving road congestions and double-row parking of passenger vans.

Police Lieutenant General Kamronvit Toopkrajang called a meeting of metropolitan traffic police during which he handed down his policy and told them to earnestly work to establish order in road traffic.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner made his point clear that he did not want the traffic police to set up check-points which often aggravated traffic congestion. He told them to refrain from stopping motorists violating traffic rules or speed limits for the purpose of gaining official rewards. He reiterated that vans are to be parked in an orderly fashion, and unruly parking will be dealt with strictly.

Pol Lt.Gen. Kamronvit, on this occasion, denied a rumor that he would resign for a deputy prime minister portfolio. He said he had never been approached for the purpose. He reiterated that his work is based on solving the traffic, drug problems and crime, and that after retirement, he hoped to use his skill in folk medicine to treat as many patients as he could and to set up a charity foundation for his parents.

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