BANGKOK :- Cops state they have efficiently broke down on the unlawful assortment of parking charges in public places just as Royal Plaza.

The illegal collecting parking charges finished a couple of months ago.Metropolitan Cops Dept 1, which takes care of the Royal Plaza, had inspected parking claims but didn't locate any more suspect actions.

The data was corroborated by a lot of sources, who state cops have regularly arrested thugs asking for "parking fees".However, Some individuals considered the issue would certainly soon return.

Trip-bus workers stated a guy having a darkish appearance older around 45 has been pocketing Bt50-Bt100 for each vehicle parked round the Royal Plaza, stating the cash goes to "police".

When graduation events and the Red Cross Fair are organised close by, mafia kinds would probably appear and extort cash from drivers.

They want between Bt20 and Bt50 from motorbike drivers and Bt120 and Bt200 from car owners experienced by a witness.