PHUKET:- A one-year-old child passed away on Saturday morning (Sept . 28) in Thalang Hospital after having a serious beating the last evening, possibly by a relative.

The little kid, who has not been called, was initially brought to a healthcare facility on Friday night, unconscious and together with bruises around his body. He was provided emergency cure and set on oxygen before being moved to Vachira Phuket Hospital. He passed away there the subsequent morning hours at 8:30.

Cops were called in and an autopsy was carried out that explained the kid had been beaten really hard that his liver and additional bodily organs were cracked.

Police Station stated that This child was living along with relatives on his father’s side in Thalang mainly because his mother and father were separated.

Our research team is attempting to locate exactly who beat the kid, however relatives aren't cooperating in any way.

The child’s body was basically shipped to the forensic lab in Surat Thani to pin down the actual root cause of demise.