BANGKOK: -- A car damaged right into a minivan on Bangkok expressway previous day, murdering 1 pregnant passenger.

The occurrence happened around Rama IV departure of the tollway. In accordance with a witness, the white colored car was driving on a higher speed just before crashing straight into the black minivan. The outcome caused the sufferer to fling out of the minivan to her demise.

The lady was afterwards recognized as Ms. Juthamas Chotwongsurojna, 36, who had been pregnant 5 months. The woman's husband, Mr. Pantil Nuamjerm, 36, was also stated seriously injured because he was attempting to escape his car.

Mr. Bhumichnant Rueangchainan, the driver of the white car who was however visibly shaken by the occurrence when the police landed, told the officials that he lost control over his vehicle as he was trying to swerve away from one more rushing car.

He afterwards knelt down before the victim's husband and tearfully apologised for his action.

The CCTV digital camera couldn't grab the moment of the accident, however, they're obtaining the information and definately will afterwards check out both the suspect and the sufferer just before pushing any charges.