4 of the 6 suspects capped by alleged kingpin trafficker U . S . Joseph Manuel Hunter, 47, much right.

PHUKET: -- The police arrest in Phuket of an American guy and 5 other suspects intended for allegedly operating an global drug trafficking network appeared to be executed as part of a mutual operation with Nigeria and Kenya, police say.

Joseph Manuel Hunter, 47, the drug system's alleged chief, and 5 alleged accomplices were detained in Phuket on Wednesday evening and traveled to Bangkok Thursday for questioning.

Nigeria and Kenya executed the same operations on the similar day. 2 eastern European guys were busted in Nigeria and 2 others in Kenya.Narcotics police detained Mr Hunter at the Phuket Country Club, right after he was initially diagnosed by US officials.

The similar team of cops then looked for extra suspects in the Patong Beach area, prominent to the arrest of 5 extra individuals - 2 Britons, a Slovakian, a Filipino and a Taiwanese.

Mr Hunter a "major drug lord" wanted for drug smuggling, trafficking and other international crimes, in which he probably did not indicate.Mr Hunter had been concerned in several illegal programs.

This specific team was initially regarded to turn out to be a huge group that spanned several nations," including Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Mr Hunter worked in the US Navy, and his alleged accomplices were even considered to have experienced army training.Almost all all of these individuals were prepared to kill.

The ministry had attained a notice from the US embassy on Sept 17. The ministry therefore inquired the Office of the Attorney-General to look for arrest warrants for the suspects.

Presently there was not any warrant intended for Mr Hunter yet Thai police were capable to charge him as his passport acquired terminated by the US. Due to the cancellation of his passport, Thai officials have the alternative of deporting him instantly. Mr Hunter will be deported to remain trial in the US on drug trafficking charges.

Sources said Thai detectives had previously worked closely with US authorities in a extremely classified operation.Local police units and officials weren't made alert of the operation.

Cops had made a excellent work of progress cracking down on the gang in Thailand.

He was initially specified the fact that hardly any more associates of the gang kept in the country.Having said that,several more network associates are generally presumed to be keeping in many other Asean countries.