Warning for possible overflow at Saha Rattana Nakorn estate riverside communities in bangkok

PRACHIN BURI: -- A 10-YEAR-OLD girl was initially washed far away and feared dead the previous day because the eastern province of Prachin Buri produce its most severe flooding in 26 years.

Sasikarn Wongprai and her girlfriend wereenjoying in 30-centimetre water before herresidence in Sri Maha Pho district at the time large waves taken both girls into a nearby area covered by 4 metres of water.

Witnesses rushed to aid them but could mainly get and save Sasikarn's friend.

4 areas which includes Sri Maha Pho have been reported flood-disaster zones. Major downpours continuing to pelt Sri Maha Pho and Kabin Buri areas.

This specific dam, that can keep 280 million cubic metres of water, was saving Prachin Buri as a result of worse flooding,
However there's been increasing opposition for a dam recommended in Mae Wong, having a large protest organised towards it in Bangkok on Sunday.

The actual dam belongs to a Bt350-billion flood management scheme planned by the govt directed at overhauling the nation's water-management process in the wake belonging to the great flood of 2011, which unfortunately had taken 100s of lives and caused huge financial destruction.

During the crisis 2 yrs ago, 7 commercial estates were submerged.

However Plodprasop demands that the water mass right now is significantly less compared with 2011. 2yrs ago, we got to deal with 25-30 billion cubic metres of water. This current year, it is actually less than 15

Most recognized Yingluck Shinawatra accepted that she appeared to be concerned about the particular flood hazard to Saha Rattana Nakorn Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya, that was one of several 7 horribly flooded in 2011.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has cautioned more than 20 areas within the capital together stretches of the Chao Phraya, not having floodwalls, to support with regard to potential flood. The stream has increased ominously lately.

By incorporating areas of flood barriers beginning to leak, officials are creating temporarily floodwalls with the help of sandbags wherever important.