PHUKET: -- Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) recently produced quality test results with regard to only 2 out of 4 water-quality check points alongside Phuket's famous beach, Patong.

Test results were published for 2 sites within the tourist-dense middle of the beach, away from the mouths of these two waterways that release water in the bay.These tests of Patong Bay water started in the wake of an algae bloom previous month and claims of raw sewage possibly producing a health risk to beachgoers

The actual tests reveal that the water on August 23 [4 days following the bloom was initially reported] wouldn't damage someone swimming within it and wouldn't be dangerous to marine creatures,” by Daroonwan Schwartz, a PMBC oceanographer.

Even so, wastewater produced untreated directly into Patong Bay will certainly contain long-term affects on marine resources and water top quality if absolutely no steps are generally put in spot to control this particular

PMBC a day ago introduced the full final results for test point B2 and B3 executed on August 23, with specific focus on levels of bacteria, nutrients and oxygen.

Bacteria levels should certainly not necessarily pass 1,000 MPN (most probable number) each 100 milliliters, in accordance with PMBC report. At the particular initial station analyzed, the level seemed to be 980 MPN; and at the 2nd, it was 900 MPN.If dissolved oxygen (DO) levels tend to be significantly less than 4 mg per liter, the particular water is in poor condition. In Patong Bay on August 23, the DO was 6.98 milligrams per liter.

Additional measurements undertaken that day, intended for salinity, pH, temperature and clarity, all dropped inside appropriate levels

Neglected wastewater gets into Patong Bay certainly not only by way of the Pak Bang canal although as well via the Bang Yai canal, which feeds into Pak Bang.The Bang Yai Canal emerged directly into the highlight previously this specific yr whenever citizens who seem to resided along it reported that its stench was generating the bodily ill.

Hotels, restaurants as well as houses discharge their wastewater with no treatment along with it ultimately runs into Patong bay,

This particular water test and upcoming ones will probably be sent to related govt firms, such as the Phuket Governor, Phuket Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment and Patong municipality.