BANGKOK (Reuters) - Even more than 600,000 Thais tend to be influenced by floods since July and over 1 / 4 of Thailand's states are actually flooded, compelling authorities to issue landslide dire warnings and commence evacuation steps on Monday.

Harmful flooding in the year 2011 destroyed a lot more than 800 people and generated enormous disruption to industry, decreasing financial development that year to only 0.1 %.

4 persons have been recently killed within this year's floods. A lot more water is predicted in a few days.

"Due to some heavier-than-usual monsoon season, twenty one states tend to be actually suffering from floods. We've got released a stern warning pertaining to landslides and have absolutely instructed ships within the Gulf of Thailand being aware," Chatchai Promlert, chief of Thailand's Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, by Reuters. [read more...]