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BANGKOK: -- The world-famous Temple concerning Dawn stupa, recognized in your area as Phra Prang Wat Arun, will probably be shut for 3 years beginning from upcoming Tuesday to undertake maintenance and restoration together with other constructions within the temple mixture, a deputy abbot claimed the previous day.

This can be the largest maintenance and restoration operate on the stupa during the last 14 years. During the past, perhaps even even though large-scale job had been done, the stupa useful to keep on being accessible to visitors, said Phra Sakkaya Puttiyawong. The temple is questioning the Tourism Authority of Thailand to construct a four-metre look-alike of the stupa for travelers to travel to for the duration of the three-year closure.

Theunique tiles considering that the 81.85-metre-high stupa, that were schedule over the 1999 reconstruction, is going to be employed this time around. The Department of Fine Arts is going to perform improvements and reconstruction. They'll even conduct an below ground investigation of the stupa's cornerstone to ascertain its situation.

New of scaffolding will likely be built together the stupa, that will not touch the monument, thereby prevent possible causing harm. The job will probably be split up into 3 stages: in the year 2013 it'll include the actual south west and northwest factors of the Phra Prang stupa and even the smaller sized stupa on the to the south and west; in 2014-15, function covers the southeast and northeast of the Phra Prang stupa, and also the smaller stupa around the east and north.

Indications will likely be constructed at the location in order to alert visitors of potential incidents within the closure. Visitors will likely be permitted to view the stupa from the long distance during the entire three-year time period. The stupa will likely be shut at the good time period of 3pm upcoming Tuesday, after the advantage and opening events for beginning of the work.