BANGKOK: -- Products recognized as aphrodisiacs, coupled with adult toys and perhaps phony Viagra tablets, were grabbed a day ago in the course of 2 raids at Khlong Thom wholesale marketplace and one more area neighborhood.

The Meals and Pill Management (Food and drug administration), which carried out the raid with the cooperation of Department of Special Investiga-tion considered that it was checking if the aphrodisiacs contained any illicit drugs.

5 distributors trading those items were arrested and accused of marketing drugs without having authorization and along with offering indecent items.

The pills for sale as Viagra were of inferior and might bring about heart and soul attacks or loss of life for people with chronic diseases or allergy symptoms, as the Food and drug administration agents stated the purported aphrodisiacs had no labels with dosage or usage information, which could be a legal offence.

Sellers of adult sex toys and some other items were observed filing a complaint in regards to the convulsions and also the parading in the 5 thinks during a closed intersection. The raids caused the providers of additional stalls providing adult toys to close down prior to DSI agents can deal with all of them.