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Thread: Thai Airways gets Wifi

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    Thai Airways gets Wifi

    The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has granted a license to Thai Airways to provide Wi-Fi on board its fleet.

    In 2011, Thai Airways filed for the NBTC's licenses to provide both cellular and Wi-Fi services on board its flights; however, according to the Thai law, a license for cellular service can only be obtained via auction. Due to the complication of the lengthy process associated with the cellular service concession, only a Wi-Fi service license has been granted.

    Mr. Jesada Sivaraks, Secretary to the Vice-Chairman of the NBTC, revealed that the license is being processed, expressing his optimism that the deal would be completed within the month of September.

    According to Mr. Jesada, the Wi-Fi licensed is a 2.4-gigahertz spectrum, which is a spectrum being offered to any license owner, adding that once the license is granted, Thai Airways will have to choose its service provider.

    At the moment there are only 2 international WiFi network service providers: OnAir of Switzerland or Britain's AeroMobile Communications.

    News from NNT
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    This is very advance technology work. it facilitates a lots of people towards Thailand.

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