The Education Ministry aims to upgrade the nation's education quality ahead of the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community by improving instructors' language skills and promoting understanding about ASEAN.

The announcement was made by Education Minister Jaturon Chaisang who has set an ambitious goal of establishing Thailand as an education hub in ASEAN. The Minister was chairing an annual meeting of the Siam Local News Association at Ebina House Hotel in Bangkok.

In his speech on the kingdom's readiness for the AEC in terms of education, Minister Jaturon said that the move crucially needs to promote understanding about ASEAN among the personnel in the education field.

He also stressed the importance of learning and understanding languages used among ASEAN nations, saying that it is a means to learning other knowledge about the countries. Mr. Jaturon said that the Government is ready to promote such learning schemes for the public, seeing that they would become one of the nation's important driving forces.

In parallel with raising the public awareness of ASEAN understanding, Mr. Jaturon promised that the Education Ministry would develop competent personnel. He also expressed his optimism that, with all the proposed campaigns being implemented, Thailand would become ASEAN's education hub.

He said that the government would push for obtaining the global education standard, generating skilled labor based on the global demands and aiding in the expansion of the domestic and international industrial sector.

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