A man thought to be aged in his mid-twenties was allegedly murdered by a 28 year old man over an unpaid bill of 340 Baht from a Whisky Shop in East Pattaya. He was arrested by Police as he prepared to leave Pattaya. At 4.30am on Saturday, Police and rescue services were called to Soi Chayapreuk where it intersects with the Railway Road to deal with the situation.

The victim had been stabbed in the chest and face and it soon became apparent that he had been drinking at a whisky shop in front of a market in Soi Chaiyapreuk earlier in the night and left the shop without paying a drinks bill of 340 Baht. The man was chased by the brother of the shop owner, later named as Khun Wassan aged 28, who caught up with him at the railway road. The pair began to fight which culminated in the victim being fatally stabbed.