A recent video posted only by a group of men claiming to be members of al-Qaeda which contained the message of vowing to kill fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was concluded as a hoax by security authorities. It was quite quick for them to put an end to this threat.

The country's security measures needs to be free of political interventions for it to work for the people.

It is strange how the authorities concluded quickly. This makes people wonder if they are on the side of the truth or they are just jumping into conclusions knowing that Thaksin has an image that has to be protected. This leads people to question if these authorities are driven by their concern for the people or for only one man, the de facto leader.

Regardless of whether the video had an inch of truth of being linked to the al-Qaeda or not, security officers should not take this issue lightly. The fact that these hooded men have taped the video in a theme of global war and terrorism, this should cause a concern. How the officials handle the threat is important to avoid internal conflict between divided groups.

Death threats towards Thaksin is nothing new. Last November the same threat was reported emanating from the Myanmar sector of the Golden Triangle. It prompted him to cancel a planned trip to the border town of Tachilek, where he was due to meet red-shirt supporters. As well then, the threat was politicized, with authorities dividing and making contradictory statements regarding the issue.

To be able to protect and safeguard the people, national security officials should be withdrawn from political control to provide sound analysis without political implications.