Police officials are now providing protection for the family of a girl who was prostituted to a teacher in Sa Kaew to prevent them from receiving any threats from the alleged offender, who has been freed on bail.

Social Development and Human Security Minister Paveena Hongsakul announced that the police have charged Suthep Sombunphong with child abduction and supporting human trafficking and prostitution. The accused is a teacher in Watthananakhon district of Sa Kaew.

The family of the 13-year-old girl has been placed under 24-hour police protection.

According to Minister Paveena, local police will launch further investigation to find evidence that will help lead to the prostitution ring.

She also urged anybody with leads to prostitution or human trafficking to help provide the information, saying that she aims to sharply reduce the human trafficking problem by next year because the United States' monitoring of Thailand as a transnational human trafficking hub does not bode well for foreign nations' confidence in the country.