Police arrested Mr. Narongrit Ngao-tasom, the director of Hua Rean Hospital. It was reported that he hit Mr. Siwakorn Saisuphap, a 17 year old student at Lampang Polytechnics, to death with his Toyota pickup. Mr. Narongrit was heavily drunk at the time.

The police then charged Mr. Narongrit for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing death. Mr. Narongrit later placed the bail money of 200,000 baht in cash and was released from the custody.

The victim's mother also claimed that that Mr. Narongrit has been trying to negotiate about the compensation for her son′s death by sending his close associates to talk to the family. However, the family was too busy dealing with Mr. Siwakorn’s funeral and was in no mood for talks about the matter.