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Thread: IMPORTANT New regulation for Renew Driver License

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    Exclamation IMPORTANT New regulation for Renew Driver License

    All new driver’s license applicants together with those who want to renew their license are now required to have a doctor’s certificate in order to ensure that their health conditions would not affect the driving performances.

    Deputy Government Spokesman, Supachai Jaisamut, revealed after a draft ministerial regulation of the Transport Ministry that the cabinet has approved the new requirement for driving license application's process.

    The Transport Ministry indicated that this new regulation was proposed because people can now apply for their driver’s license extension without having to show a doctor’s certificate. Hence, it is unable to certify that these drivers are not suffering from illnesses listed under Article 46 of the Automobile Act of 1979.

    The new regulation will cover all kind of vehicle licenses. Psychological and emotional tests are also included in the examination to guarantee that no mental disabilities are found.
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    I am surprised this regulation wasn`t brought sooner...

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