Border patrol police 336 have seized over 100,000 rounds of ammunition and four grenade launchers in Mae Hong Son province.

Acting on a tipoff that arms and ammunition were hidden in a red Nissan, waiting to be shipped across the Thai border, police yesterday made the arrest as the vehicle was entering a house in Mae Hong Son.

The driver was a former police officer named Sumet Mitsita. He was accompanied by a civilian named Johndia Sawasdee. Six sacks of different types of ammunition were found in the vehicle and many more were found inside the house.

Altogether, 109,478 rounds of different types of ammunition have been discovered including 3,800 rounds for carbine 87s, 10,850 rounds for rifles, 36,000 rounds for AK 47 rifles, 31,600 rounds for M16 rifles, and 27,000 rounds for 7.62 caliber rifles, as well as 4 SAM rocket launchers.

-- NNT