Having received information that a smuggling ring was going to make a delivery at the bank of the Mae Khong River, Police patrolled the area and found a pickup truck that matched the description parked in front of a convenient store in Bueng Kan province. Police identified themselves and searched the pickup, where they discovered the reptiles in plastic cages.

Altogether, 300 cobras and 569 turtles have been seized. Two people, one Saichon Sapimon and the other Montri Supachom, have been arrested.

The suspects admitted that they had already made two shipments prior to this, making a profit of 100,000 baht each time. According to them, the reason why smuggling is rife in the rainy season is that there are fewer checkpoints during the period, making it easier for them to slip through. The confiscated turtles are now under the care of Nong Khai Marine Office and the cobras have been sent to Nong Khai Wildlife and Plant Conservation Office.

-- NNT