Chiang Mai northern province has unveiled the world’s biggest 3D art museum called “Art in Paradise” and also the first in Thailand’s North. It was founded and funded by a Korean who invested 60 million baht to make the museum come alive.

Jang Kyu Suk, Korean founder of the Chiang Mai Art in Paradise, says this newly-constructed 3D art museum is the biggest one in the world with more than 130 3D paintings on the walls. The founder said the Chiang Mai Art in Paradise is different from the one in Pattaya which was the first 3D art museum of Thailand. He elaborated that the new one has more creative, imaginative and colorful paintings in the form of “interactive art” which needs participation and imagination of viewers. He also expects the museum to break even within 3 years’ time.

The 3-story museum collects a variety of paintings featuring land of animals, underwater world, extinct animals, deserts, and the famous Pharaoh's tomb.