On 3 June, Ms. Chaliao Singhachu reported to police that she had returned from a trip to find that her son Mr. Surapong Singhachu, 28, had gone missing. After two days, Mr. Kampon Singhachu, Ms. Chaliao′s husband, informed the police that he had already talked to his son who was reportedly away in another province.

However, the police officers became suspicious and had been investigating the case throughout the previous month. Mr. Kampon eventually told police he had killed Mr. Surapong and faked the story to cover his crime.

Today Mr. Kampon led the police to the forest near his village in Wiang Pa Pao district to identify the spot where he had buried the remains of his son. Mr. Kampon said he had burned Mr. Surapong′s body and scattered the bones and ashes around the forest. The police retrieved more than 20 human bones in the area, which would undergo identification procedure.