Mr. Frank Hartwig, a 46 year old German citizen, has been found dead inside his condominium room in Udon Thani province. The police believe it is a possible murder case.

The police were alerted after the body of Mr. Hartwig was discovered by one of his friends at Cabana Condominium. Mr. Hartwig′s body, which was wearing only an underwear, was lying face-down on the floor surrounded in pool of dried blood. The back of his head showed wounds caused by blunt object. Police concluded that he has been dead for half a month.

Mr. Hartwig had a Thai wife but they later divorced. The woman is now reportedly living with her new husband in Denmark. It was also discovered that Mr. Hartwig lived alone in his room, but brought a Thai girl to sleep with him from time to time.

As for the cause for death, the officers claimed that it might be murder and robbery as some properties of Mr. Hartwig were missing, but details are too murky at the moment.