Many exotic meals were made after the locals in Ban Tha Kho of Mueang District caught a giant freshwater ray in their fishing net.

The giant freshwater whip ray, caught off the Mekong river, weighed about 200 kilograms and was about 3 meters across. Locals were startled when the ray was brought into their village, as no ray this size has been caught in Nakhon Phanom in the past 50 years. After the initial awe at the creature, many of the locals enthusiastically purchased its flesh for exotic meals.

Chairat Sopha, the fisherman who owned the net the ray was caught in, sold the ray's meat for 100 baht a kilogram. Despite the huge size of the fish, the meat was sold out, thanks to the locals' desire to taste such a rare fish.

Prachak Charoenrat, head of the Fisheries office in Nakhon Phanom, believes the ray was between 8-10 years of age. He indicates that his office will encourage locals to report any future catches of large rare fish from the Mekong river, so the office staff can buy the fish to help with the conservation effort and keep it from ending up on dinner plates. He also noted that generally, meat of giant freshwater whip rays has a delectable taste.

-News from NNT