Number of minor changes to the Immigration Rules came into effect since Monday 1 July 2013.

These changes center around work, student and settlement rules and include:
  • changes to the documents required for approved English language tests;
  • updates to the lists of financial institutions in Bangladesh and Ghana from which documents can be verified
  • adjustments to the resident labour market test exemption for supernumerary researchers in Tier 2 (General)
  • no longer requiring a resident labour market test for religious worker (Tier 4) extension applications
  • more legal courses to be exempt from the time-limit on study for Tier 4 student visa applicants.

There are also some minor updates and clarifications to the family immigration rules as well as changes meaning TB screening is now required in the following countries:
  • China (settlement applications only);
  • Ethiopia;
  • Gambia;
  • Hong Kong (settlement applications only);
  • Indonesia;
  • Macau (settlement applications only);
  • Malawi;
  • Morocco;
  • Sierra Leone;
  • Uganda;
  • Vietnam; and
  • Zambia