Counterfeit 500 baht banknotes are circulating in Ang Thong province, police have warned, after they were alerted by the owner of a construction equipment company who was paid in fake bills.

Fake 500 baht banknote (left) and authentic one.
Mr. Weera Tarmboon, 44, discovered about the fake banknotes when he handed out changes to a customer earlier today. The customer felt strange holding the banknote, so Mr. Weera checked the bill, realized it was fake, and apologized profusely to the customer. He later called police to investigate.

Mr. Weera could not remember who gave him the banknote, but suggested that it was one of the customers who have visited his shop throughout the day, buying cements, bricks, stones, and metals.

According to the Police officers, the counterfeit money appears to be very convincing, and unsuspecting individuals might be easily duped.

However, a closer inspection would reveal that the small Garuda on the fake bill isn′t covered by serial number and the back of the banknote will show stronger shade of violet color than genuine 500 baht bills.

The Police officers have already dispatched other officers to inform many shop owners in the province about the matter.