The Department of Health, under the Ministry of Public Health held an event to commemorate the “National Iodine Day on June 25.

The event was held at The Mall Ngamwongwan department store, in Nonthaburi province under the theme “Wisdom builds the nation, Thai people must not lack iodine”. Deputy Public Health Minister Chonlanan Srikaew presided over the opening ceremony of the event.

According to statistics, over 20 percent of the Thai population do not care to consume iodine-added products, resulting in a high number of people with iodine deficiency. The trend continues to be a health problem that must be solved with cooperation from all sectors, both public and private, the deputy minister said.

Iodine deficiency shows severe effects on pregnant mothers, some leading to miscarriages. Iodine deficiency can also result in malfunctions in the child, both before and after birth. It can cause low IQ, mental retardation and even brain damage in children.

The World Health Organization has set to lower iodine deficiency by stating that purified salt consumed in communities must contain iodized salt at a minimum rate of 90%.

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