At 0100 a.m. LST (23 June), tropical storm “BEBINCA” over the Bay of Tonkin, about 300 Kilometers east of Hanoi, Vietnam or latitude 19.0 degrees North longitude 108.0 degrees East with maximum sustained wind about 65 km/hr was moving west-northwest about 18 km/hr.

It will landfall over Southern China and Northern Vietnam on June 23. The storm affects heavy to very heavy rain over the North and the upper Northeast of Thailand in a few days. The strong southwest monsoon over the upper Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand leads to more rain and isolated heavy falls over the western Central, the East and the upper South. The strong wind waves are expected 2-3 meters high in the upper Andaman Sea while the East has about 2 meters. All ships should proceed with caution and small boats in the upper Andaman Sea keep ashore until 23 June.