People in Chaiyaphum province have turned to buying pork in retail stores in light of the outbreak of disease among pigs raised in the area. In addition, the annual vegetarian festival which is to begin shortly has caused a sharp drop in the sales of pork.

Pork sellers in Chaiyaphum markets have to lower the price of pork, from 130 baht per kilogram to 110 baht, after news broke out that pigs raised in local farms have been infected with disease. Although the price has been lowered, the sales of pork has dropped by fifty percent, from more than 200 kilograms to only 100 kilograms in each shop per day. The drop has forced sellers to make sausages out of the unsold pork.

All of the merchants have asserted that pork sold in their stalls is from reliable farms, and that the slaughterhouse has been certified by the Livestock Department to ensure that the pork is safe. However, some buyers said they had turned to retail stores or super markets for pork after news of the disease started to circulate, which caused pork sales to drop considerably. To make the matter worse, the Chinese vegetarian festival, due to begin next week, has also helped push the sales further down, as people who intend to join the festival have begun to stay away from all types of meat in order to pre-condition themselves for the festival.

News from NNT