A furniture made up from the collected milk cartons were donated to needy schools in Samutsakhon province.

Samutsakhon provincial administrative organization and Amphon Foods Co. Ltd. (APF) have been accepting donations of used milk cartons for their project to recycle a million of the paper boxes by converting them into school furniture.

Under a collaboration between APF and Kasetsart University, school desk sets were made from milk cartons that have been recycled into chip boards that boasted impressive strength. One set can be manufactured from 2,500 recycled cartons.

Because of the project's potential to encourage the public to recycle materials and conserve the environment, Amphon Foods, the maker of coconut-derived food products and Gaba rice drinks, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Samutsakhon provincial administrative body to continue with the project on a larger scale.

Locals are being encouraged to participate in the project by bringing in used milk cartons and exchanging them for rice, sugar and cooking oil.

Those coordinating the project aim to collect around 1 million milk cartons, in order to supply the recycled furniture to schools in the province.

According to project coordinators, recycling 1 ton of milk cartons can reduce landfill space by 4 square meters and reduce carbon dioxide emission by 900 kilograms.

-News from NNT