A suspicious package was found in a post office by the employees.

The Police Officers received a report from one of the Post office employees about the said package. The police then dispatched a bomb squad to investigate the scene. The package was a mail parcel containing what appeared to be C4 bomb attached to a watch, with a note saying "You will die, old bitch". The Post Office staff received the package from the usual mail route.

Bomb squad officers moved the object to the back of the building, and found that the the parcel was addressed to Ms. Boonyadee (surname undisclosed), a resident of Bangkontee district. Bonnyadee's friend might have sent the parcel from her friend who wanted to pull a prank on her because it′s almost her birthday. Eventually, her friend contacted the police and told them that the "bomb" was in fact an alarm clock, and he bought it from a website selling toys.

The man was fined 500 Baht by the police on the ground of "causing panic".